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How do I use the formula and the pendulum... just by reading out the statements and waiting for the pendulum to answer yes?

You hold the pendulum in your dominate hand and as you read each statement of your formula you will notice your pendulum either downloading, clearing or going to a yes. . . . read more

How to start channeling messages.. which is the main reason as to why I took the course... how do I connect chart/pendulum /formula and download messages from spirit?

Do a few minuets of meditation to minimize the ego and open the heart, hold your pendulum and work through each of your formula statements, when you finish with the . . . read more

I paid for my TAUK course and I have my pendulum and all.. but I have been on an emotional roller coaster for months and thought it was better for me to get balanced before doing TAUK and connecting with other beings..., do you think that’s a good idea? The thing is as well where I live.. there are low vibrational beings in the house.. like entities.. well, they don’t bother me but they bother my family.. and I thought maybe if I open TAUK they might come to me?.., I don’t know well how it might work.

TAUK is a wonderful tool for keeping your energy balanced and increasing your vibration and frequency. If you are currently on an emotional roller coaster, your vibration is what is . . . read more

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