In January, 2012 I became acquainted with Dolores Cannon and her process called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, or QHHT. I had developed my own process to teach channeling in 2009 called The Art of Universal Knowing or TAUK for short. I was drawn towards learning QHHT because it, like TAUK, showed people that all answers are within themselves. Finding the key to that knowledge and showing others how to find their key is my purpose here.


QHHT is a process where the client is guided in hypnosis through past lives and other experiences. After that, we bring forth the client’s High Self (Subconscious, Collective Self ~ The bigger Them) to answer a list of questions the client has come into the session with.


A QHHT session is a transformative and powerful experience. It will open the clients mind, heart and imagination. It will allow the client to have perhaps the greatest clarity they have had in this life and allow them to make changes to support their souls growth and their health.


I had become friends with Ron Head when he joined my TAUK Facebook group. He learned TAUK and started to channel beautiful messages from Archangel Michael. Ron was already a gifted Theta Healing practitioner. Ron had mentioned that he wanted to have a QHHT session with me but he lived in Florida and I in Iowa. QHHT must be done in person. As fate would have it, my husband and I took a vacation to Florida in the Spring of 2013 and invited Ron to our vacation home to have a session. Ron’s QHHT session started out very similar to other sessions I have given, each unique and beautiful. However, when I asked his High Self to come forward to answer his questions he came into the session with, something quite amazing happened! On our YouTube clip you can actually hear as I start to wrap my brain around what was presenting itself…Or perhaps I should say Who was presenting Him, Her Self!


On the day of a session, I start by TAUKing through what the topic of the day will be and then TAUK through the questions to ask Ron while he is hypnotized. I am always fascinated by what comes through.  Ron and I typically meet for lunch to catch up but I never share with him what the topic or questions are! Then we meet up at my office and we begin the hypnosis session with the intent of reaching this Creator/ God/ Source level of energy. We hope to add a session about once a week, so check back often!


I had been waiting for months to have a session with Suzanne.  And when I found out she was coming to Florida, I jumped at the chance.  She and Kevin were very gracious in letting me stay overnight in the house they had rented for their trip.  They also fed me a fantastic meal of grilled grouper with a delicious salad.


The next day we prepared for a standard QHHT session with a long interview and a list of questions which I hoped to find the answers to.  We did NOT prepare for what happened in the session itself.  Many of you have read a transcript of that session before, but below you will find an actual recording of most of it.


In expectation of being able to expand on what we had and turn it into a book, I moved to Iowa in order to continue regular sessions of QHHT.  These were being successful.  However much material that would be helpful for people to have now began to emerge, and we realized that a book would not be available for quite some time.  We wanted to get this information out and toward that end we decided to create this new web site.  We were guided every step of the way by HS, that is shorthand for High Self.  Even the name of the site came from HS.  There are many levels of consciousness. The three levels Suzanne and I speak of are our conscious self (ego, our waking state), the high self (the part of us that has been with each of us since we came from Source) and the level of the Creator, the I AM energy also called God.  You will hear on these recordings that the level we have been speaking with on most occasions is the I AM. I think it is safe to say that it threw us at first, but now we feel it is time to share.


This has been a very enjoyable and life changing experience for us. We truly hope something you find here will be of help for you.

Thank you,

Suzanne & Ron