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How long to get messages?

How long will it take for me to get messages clearly? Everyone goes at their own pace but typically it takes about 2 weeks to get your TAUK system established. Make sure you begin each TAUK session with some form…

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Working with your Formula

Do I need to work through my formula every time I TAUK? Yes, it is highly recommended that you do this. Why? Because by working through each statement and doing the downloads and clearing you are raising your level of…

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Should I take suggestions that I have been given via a TAUK message and alter a decision or a path I might have taken? TAUK is a support system that is never meant to over ride your free will! When…

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Why am I so sleepy?

By the time I complete my statements while holding my pendulum, I am soooo sleepy. Have you heard anything like this before? Are you ready for this...The sleepiness is totally normal! You would think that just sitting there, holding your…

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Downloading & Clearing

What exactly does downloading or clearing mean... I usually work with the pendulum either with a yes or a no.. i am not sure what you mean with downloading or clearing.. please explain. Downloading is bringing energy in, this usually happens…

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How exactly does the formula work?

How exactly does the formula work and what is the relationship between the chart and the formula... The chart I am fine with it but I wonder if there is a connection between chart and formula. The formula is probably the most…

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Using the formula and the pendulum

How do I use the formula and the pendulum... just by reading out the statements and waiting for the pendulum to answer yes? You hold the pendulum in your dominate hand and as you read each statement of your formula…

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How to start channeling messages

How to start channeling messages.. which is the main reason as to why I took the course... how do I connect chart/pendulum /formula and download messages from spirit? Do a few minutes of meditation to minimize the ego and open…

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