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I am so happy you found your way here!

I am Suzanne Spooner. I like to call myself a co-creator to this experience. The Art of Universal Knowing, or TAUK for short, is the proven system that teaches a long forgotten truth that all men, women and children have a connection to God and many masters. TAUK is the understanding of this idea. By learning TAUK you will also establish a connection to loved ones who have passed over. Sounds unbelievable? It truly isn’t! This gentle, heartfelt exploration is very real to those who are open to the experience. I think the easiest way to explain this phenomena is first comparing it to a spiritual medium, someone whom you might visit to speak with a relative or friend who has passed over. Now here is the difference. Instead of going to someone who has this special gift once or twice, YOU have the ability to tap into this connection whenever you place the intention to do so. Each student receives a math formula, so to speak, of words that gets them connected to the other side. A pendulum and chart are the only needed tools.  Now, for most this is a very big concept. For others this makes perfect sense. This concept has as many aspects to it as there are individuals contemplating it! So at this juncture let me state that I, or anyone associated with TAUK, does not have the intention of converting anyone to this experience. If it feels right, then it is worth learning more about this process. If it doesn’t feel right, it is truly something to let go of. If this stirs something deep inside you and would like to understand how this all began please read on.

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