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I have spent my whole life living in central Iowa, the heartland of the United States. I love it here. The pace isn’t too fast, the people are warm and generous.

I took a class in September of 2009 called SRT or Spiritual Response Therapy. SRT uses charts and a pendulum to find and release negative thought patterns and replace them with positive and supportive ideas. The pendulum simply works with your energy field to move and directs you on the charts to areas of interest. It was during this class that my connection or gift for TAUK was established. As one of my messages stated, “When the universe expressed itself to you, great developments happened here also. When this occurred, we felt we had hope for communication with messengers on your field of reality. There is great hope for higher understanding thru this way.” But I get ahead of myself.

It was a few days after my SRT class when I felt my late father, Ron, so close. My father had suffered from depression. It was in September of 1991 when he made the decision to end his life. He and I were always very close and it was so sad to see this loving, funny and special man take his presence away from me and our family. I would certainly feel him close by at times, but this feeling, on this day was different. My brain, and probably more so, my heart started working in overdrive to establish a way to communicate again with him, if it were possible. One thing led to another and I developed a letter chart, made my intention known that I wanted to use it for the greater good. Thinking probably nothing would happen, I sat and received this, “Easy to translate with this medium. Ready to begin an odyssey. This is it.” I ask, “Am I working with my high self for the greater good?” Yes oh yes, Love. Time will tell. Cusp of awareness. Begin soon. Will be able to measure gateway to other consciousness. 

Well that completely surprised me! I had to get up and think this through. Could I have manipulated the pendulum to spell all that out? If so, where did those thoughts come from? I had an overwhelming feeling that I had unlocked something very big inside me.

I sat again the next day, mostly to prove this wouldn’t happen again. Three simple lines came thru, “Hi Zippy. Take care of Jack. Put love to Mom.” My cheeks went flushed instantly. You see, Zippy was my father’s nickname for me since I was tiny. Just to be noted, Jack is our dog and my Mom and Dad were divorced but on friendly terms at the time of his passing. Where I had not associated the first message to my father, there was no way NOT to associate him to the second. I had to sit and absorb this and then decided, why not? If I believe anything is possible, which I do, why not be able to communicate with my father who is energy but in a different form? It felt right to me and instantly I was at peace with this gift.

As I practiced, my messages became longer and more detailed. The information coming thru was personal, funny and sometimes so in-depth in concept I would diagram the information to understand more clearly! Almost from the very beginning, the true message of this gift was made clear, that I was to teach others to have a connection with their loved ones, to teach them to have this same gift! Anyone with an open heart to the experience could learn from and connect to trusted and loved friends and family on the other side of the ever thinning veil.

Whom have I received messages from? Many are from God/Source, angels, family and friends who have passed and even pets! I have connected with the High Selves of those who are still in physical form, E.T.’s, and teachers. The list of possibilities is infinite. My Grandmother, from the other side, was the one to tell me the name of this study is The Art of Universal Knowing. My friend mentioned that to learn how to “TAUK” from that side it is like learning a new language but on a vibrational level.

Since learning this, a message is waiting every time I sit for one and no questions are left unanswered. It seems that only souls you have loving feelings towards will come thru. It also seems that your beliefs line up with how the information is presented. For example, I personally believe in God and feel comfortable thinking of God as a male figure. If you believed in Buddha, the Universe, God as female, androgynous or Spirit I think your messages come thru as those ideas.  The potential for healing thru these conversations is huge.

So what are the over riding themes of these messages? First I would say, that EVERYTHING is about love, that we are all connected and that the gift of free will is our biggest gift. Just the other day my “universal proof reader” suggested this statement, “ Teach your students expressions of TAUK as a way to open their heart first, then as a tool for communication with their loved ones. Finally it is a way for enlightenment.” I think that is a much better statement!

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