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My Father’s New Project

Hi Dad. Hi Suzy. Give me a minute to tell you about my new project. Please do! My new project is to help open the hearts of people who pass too soon. I am with them while they adjust to their new frequency. Opening hearts is my purpose now. I let too many times go by without seeing my purpose in life. I know now how to keep on track with my plan. I live in the moment of Now and create love so that I can present my standing to the Council of High Angels. This is very exciting for me! That is wonderful dad! Can you tell me more about the Council of High Angels? Yes, it is an order of angels that are pure love & send that energy out to all inhabitants of all universes. Do you still work with TAUK? Yes, TAUK is my passion & I am connected to the energy of you and all who TAUK on both sides of the veil. I’m like an orange- lots of sections all connected to the core. Great job, dad & nice visual, thank you.

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