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What if a Message Feels ‘Off’

I had been getting great messages and then started to receive messages that didn’t ‘feel’ right. They were bossy & unkind.

TAUK is about channeling from the highest level of consciousness. If at anytime you feel your messages are anything other than unconditionally loving you need to clear your space. Lower energies can come in and you will know if this happens by the tone of the message changing, by your gut that something isn’t right, by the message being, bossy, mean or inappropriate. The lower energies can masquerade as God, your angels or friends. They are fed by your fear or uneasiness. So, simply don’t communicate with them! Stay neutral, imagine ‘hanging up the phone’ on them- cut the connection. Take your pendulum off the chart and ask to clear your space, send the lower energies to God, ask to fill your space with love, light & protection! This happens to me, every once in awhile & I look at it as an annoyance, as a fly on the nose, so to speak. I recognize the lower energy is there with out fear, I clear my space & continue with my message. The more you communicate with these lower energies, the stronger they become. You have free will, use it and firmly declare you are only communicating with the highest levels of consciousness!!!! This experience is a lesson in discerning lower energy from higher energy. TAUK is only about connecting to the highest level of consciousness which will only be kind, loving and peaceful.

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