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The first message I received:

Easy to translate with this medium. Ready to begin this Odyssey. This is it. [Am I working with my higher self for the greater good?] yes oh yes Love. Time will tell. Cusp of awareness. Begin Soon. Will be able to…

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Message on the process of creation:

When the thought expresses desire to release energy, going from thought to feeling, there is a transfer in expression, to the universal thought, expressed as imagination. When that occurs, there is an opening to other dimensions. This helps take the…

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A message on world peace:

God expresses his fondest wish for the future of His children, that all will express desire for enlightenment of great thoughts. Also about ways to be understanding of His gift of free will. Develop these gifts and world peace will…

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Questions and Answers:

Dad, can I ask a question? Yes. What was it like right after you passed? It was like I made a giant flight to heaven and I landed in this beautiful garden. I saw everyone I loved. I made a history of my…

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Questions for Susan T:

Can you explain what you mean by the word "Transition"? It is when a soul enters heaven. His glory enters their soul. God repairs where lost love has been forgotten. He knows that some souls have accepted the belief of hell.…

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Love letter from God to all of us:

Hello everyone,

I had just gone up for a message this morning with several questions on my mind for whomever decided to come thru. Well, my friend God came thru and right away I felt a love letter to us all…

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From a channeling with Archangel Gabriel:

The ability of light workers or others who have the innate ability to gather information from a frequency some call intuition is only a matter of trust. When Masters such as Jesus and the Buddha spoke, their frequency was aligned…

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