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God & Gabriel ~ About Duality

Hi God & Gabriel. Hi Suzy, give a moment to reflect on the financial crisis of the US and the globe. The picture of letting the leaders look in charge is merely a deceitful finality to the Illuminati. The Illuminati is now without…

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Life as an Illusion

Hi God. Hi Suzy. The thing I wish to share is, this life is a perfect illusion. How you interrpret the illusion is your free will choice. Illusions are like mirrors in the amusement park. You see a version of yourself…

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Message from Divine Love

I started to receive messages not only from my usual contacts of my father, God, angels, guides and loved ones, but from the essence of Divine Love and the essence of Universal Knowing. People who TAUK have also reported receiving…

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LIFE’S JOURNEY ~ An Angelic Parable

A little child sits outside with her beloved grandparent. The sun shines, the birds sing, all is well and protected. No words are needed to let the child know this. It is known deep within her soul and heart. The…

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The Heart Message

Hi God. Hi Suzy, may I ask why you are up so early? I'm not sure, maybe I needed a message! I think you are right. My message for you is this:  Opening the heart is so important for having a healthy life.…

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The Manifesting Message

Note: This message was given to me jointly by God and a universal neighbor (ET) named Rabios, a rather formal fellow! Dear Suzy, we now respectfully request your time to imagine universal expressions of thought transfer & matter. Thoughts are…

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The God/Source Code Message

Note: This message was from a dear soul named KIG or his longer name of KIG-TIEM. He is another universal neighbor who comes through to many who TAUK. He has the funniest sense of humor and comes from a planet…

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My Father’s New Project

Hi Dad. Hi Suzy. Give me a minute to tell you about my new project. Please do! My new project is to help open the hearts of people who pass too soon. I am with them while they adjust to their new frequency.…

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