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Downloading & Clearing

What exactly does downloading or clearing mean… I usually work with the pendulum either with a yes or a no.. i am not sure what you mean with downloading or clearing.. please explain.

Downloading is bringing energy in, this usually happens through your crown chakra but also through the heart. When holding your pendulum, ask it to show you your ‘download direction’. This will swing in a circle either clockwise or counterclockwise. Using a computer as an analogy, a download is like an update. Now, ask your pendulum to show you your ‘clearing direction’. This should swing opposite of your downloading direction. Clearing is removing any energy that no longer supports your greater good, like a good house cleaning. Your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ directions should stay the same or pick a horizontal movement for one and vertical swing for the other. You can tell the pendulum which way you want your four directions, but I like to let the pendulum pick.

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