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From a channeling with Archangel Gabriel:

The ability of light workers or others who have the innate ability to gather information from a frequency some call intuition is only a matter of trust. When Masters such as Jesus and the Buddha spoke, their frequency was aligned with the divine. Meditation is the key to tapping into this consciousness. Releasing doubt and fear will feel natural and necessary. Only when this shedding of false beliefs occurs can your access to the unlimited knowing be acquired. When this occurs you will respond with a love for yourself and for the greater good that will support all you do. This is expressed as your higher calling or purpose.Peace resides in the souls of all God’s children. It is when we give more power to the ego that the chaos of war and conflict occur. This is especially sad when the very reason given for conflicts and war is the false belief that one side is on the right of God while the other is not. Ego is a powerful ally to hate. When one mother or father can look at another father and mother and proclaim all their children are worthy of a world free from violence and war, then peace will be seen as the only truth.  There are so many masters and teachers who have walked your earth teaching these principles. They walk the earth today as well. The precarious position the dear planet earth has found itself in is of upmost importance to all of us from many dimensions. This is your school, your lesson to be learned and taught. A single person sometimes needs to be knocked to their knees to make them re-think their path, so has the great institutions and governments of earth in recent times. It is the greed of few that gave the blessing in disguise of a new way of thinking and being too many. So, ultimately it was this collapse your great nations have recently expressed that has speeded up the evolution of a new consciousness. Is it necessary to have these catastrophes and heart break to have this growth of being? No dear child. It is the path you as a collective consciousness have chosen, that is all. The Path you take at this moment is of your choosing. The outcome is yours.

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