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How exactly does the formula work?

How exactly does the formula work and what is the relationship between the chart and the formula… The chart I am fine with it but I wonder if there is a connection between chart and formula.

The formula is probably the most important part of TAUK!! The formula statements are divinely coded to raise your vibrations and frequency to the highest level of consciousness. No ones formula is like anothers. Your formula is unique to you!!! By using your formula you have much less chance of inadvertently inviting in lower energies. The formula helps you to keep your connection pure and true. The chart is just the means to make this gift teachable. It is very difficult to teach people how to do automatic writing or to ‘hear’ a message. But with a letter chart you can see that you are not influencing where the pendulum is moving. It’s easier for someone new to channeling to see with a letter chart that their ego is not getting in the way of the message. Some people end up using their formula to raise their vib/frequency and then do great with automatic writing/keyboarding but all should start off with the chart. It’s like your training wheels. 🙂

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