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Message from Divine Love

I started to receive messages not only from my usual contacts of my father, God, angels, guides and loved ones, but from the essence of Divine Love and the essence of Universal Knowing. People who TAUK have also reported receiving messages from the Spirit of love & the Spirit of Water among others. Just when we think we have the possibilities figured out, it blossoms again! Here are a few examples of messages from Divine Love, enjoy!

Who would like to chat? Divine Love. Really? Yes, hello Suzanne. Hello. I am your collective consciosness’ collective conscious. I am the true essence of your expression. Let’s imagine together about love. God is the universal creator. Creator is All of All. However you picture God, Divine Love is the source. I am like the portal to Creator and to God. Like the portal between Creator and God? No, I am the portal to love and God and Creator and I am the expression to their creations. God is Divine love and you and all are Divine Love. Follow your heart and I am the leader. I AM. Kindly live love Suzanne.

Hello Divine Love & God. Hello Suzy. Imagine all the people in the world living life in peace. This is how it becomes real. Give that thought often and it will become reality sooner. Imagine today that you are the expression of love in human form. Portals are opening now for TAUK Online students. Give this expression for TAUK Online:  TAUK Online is first the expression of teaching the connection to loved ones, angels & guides. Second, it is the opening of portals to very loving dimensions. Third, it is a way to understand universal knowing. Last, TAUK Online is given high understanding on imagination and love about the great mysteries of life.

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