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God & Gabriel ~ About Duality

Hi God & Gabriel.

Hi Suzy, give a moment to reflect on the financial crisis of the US and the globe. The picture of letting the leaders look in charge is merely a deceitful finality to the Illuminati. The Illuminati is now without leaders & this is the reason for the chaos. In the past, they (Illuminati) called the shots and the governments formed their actions around them. Now, as they revolt against each other, there is no one minding the store, so to speak. The governments who were ran by the Illuminati, are in a free fall as they now do not express the view of the Illuminati. This is good but also like putting a toddler behind the wheels of a car, watch out!

Give us a moment to connect the dots. For thousands of years and many generations, only the few controlled the futures of many. This was part of the duality experience requested by all souls who incarnated on Earth. The haves and have-nots were established. This was not done to punish anyone but was to lay down a concrete base of duality that was firmly established. The essence of third dimensional life is duality. The only way to maintain this experience for thousands of years was to create duality.

This illusion gave the countless souls the spiritual growth they requested in the position of universal experience. This was monumental growth all experienced not only for those who chose to incarnate in human bodies but for the ethereal bodies as well.

On the assumption that the lives lived through the many years of duality would experience great wealth, great poverty, great happiness, great sorrow, great health and disease (dis-ease) the love of God was firmly imprinted in your DNA. This was the connection to the Divine energy you are.

Throughout your lives, you have come back to learn more and to remember your connection to All that is. This was not an easy choice your soul made. It was imagined for its beauty of the human spirit. God, or however you wish to title this energy, is more than pleased. Not only with the duality experience but with the awakening you are witnessing. Opening ones soul to the experience is the moment of now. Linear time cannot support love on this level. This is a new dawn. This is why you see the planet in a chaotic node. In your powerful hearts, be the change you wish to see. This is how creation (manifesting) occurs among the masses. Have patience with your leaders, with your neighbors, with your families and with yourselves. The news of the new Gaia is known now and all you need to do is act and believe it is. That is you creating your truth.

Now you can see the illusion of duality has run its course. Let your connection to divine universal knowing be applied to your daily lives. Very soon you will know you are not alone in this universe. The light is too bright and your planet is reflecting the light back out in grand fashion. Thank you God and Gabriel. 

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