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Keeping your energy balanced and increasing your vibration and frequency

I paid for my TAUK course and I have my pendulum and all.. but I have been on an emotional roller coaster for months and thought it was better for me to get balanced before doing TAUK and connecting with other beings…, do you think that’s a good idea? The thing is as well where I live.. there are low vibrational beings in the house.. like entities.. well, they don’t bother me but they bother my family.. and I thought maybe if I open TAUK they might come to me?.., I don’t know well how it might work.

TAUK is a wonderful tool for keeping your energy balanced and increasing your vibration and frequency. If you are currently on an emotional roller coaster, your vibration is what is moving up and down. In that case I would first do what you can to level your vibration before practicing TAUK. You can do this by meditations, listening to calm music or taking a walk where you focus on the nature around you. Another great way is to use your pendulum and formula. Don’t worry about TAUKing, just work through each statement and let the pendulum clear and download energy as needed. You will definitely feel better by the time you get to your last statement!  Working through your formula is what raises your vibration & frequency so that when you TAUK, you are connected to the highest level of consciousness.

If there is drama going on in your life or house, plugging in with your formula will assist you to not be drug into the drama. The more you use the formula, the easier it gets to stay in the higher frequencies/vibrations.

If you feel there are low vibrational beings/energy in your home you can use your pendulum to clear them out! You can do this by walking into each room (or do it remotely, by placing your intention in each room). Here is how I do this:

I first do a meditation to center myself and wrap white light around myself. I go into each room and ask if there is energy that would serve the greater good to be cleared. If the pendulum swings ‘yes’ then I ask to clear all lower/negative energy and ask God to transition the energy to the highest, greatest good. The pendulum will rotate in your clearing direction, might be for a few minuets. Once it stops, ask for love, light & protection to be brought into this room. Your pendulum will rotate in your downloading direction. Proceed to the next room & repeat.

I do this occasionally through out my house and especially if I stay in a hotel. The space always feels better after a clearing.

If, when you do start TAUKing, you think there is a lower energy in your space, just do the same clearing with the intention of removing their energy and filling the space with sacred, white light.

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