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LIFE’S JOURNEY ~ An Angelic Parable

A little child sits outside with her beloved grandparent. The sun shines, the birds sing, all is well and protected. No words are needed to let the child know this. It is known deep within her soul and heart. The grandparent sees all the beauty and depth the child carries in her heart and knows this child is perfection. Although the child is young in years, the child has lived many, many lives. The soul of this child has seen lifetimes of love and hate and furor and passion. The soul makes the free will decision to return to the planet to expand her learning and experiencing to better herself and the greater ALL. This isn’t an easy decision. For along with peaceful moments like the one she is experiencing with her beloved grandparent are moments of utter heartbreak, lessons hard learned and fought.

There is a knowingness the grandparent passes along to the dear girl. The moments of worry and heartbreak are merely a choice she makes. It is her inward reflection that decides to move towards ego or away, truly the fork in the road, so to speak. Does she follow, at tough times, the old collective consciousness of fear? Does she decide that all experiences are hers to learn from? Does she see the inexplicable beauty of the actual gift of free will that allows her to ponder these very ideas?

The little child sits on the soft, warm grass with her beloved grandparent. She looks deep in to the wise, old eyes and sees the unconditional true love and total acceptance that is her truth. Yes, this is where she will live from. All decisions and experiences will be filtered from this wellspring of love and truth. This is the collective consciousness that begins in her heart and will carry her from this day forward. Such peace and lightness fill her.

This lovely parable is the truth you can decide to follow. How does it feel deep in your soul? How will this inward and outward look on your life effect others you love and your community? Try it just for today, then maybe tomorrow and the next day. Be the example of love and peace that is true to your heart. It is the way of Masters. Claim your Masterhood, dear child.

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