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Love letter from God to all of us:

Hello everyone,

I had just gone up for a message this morning with several questions on my mind for whomever decided to come thru. Well, my friend God came thru and right away I felt a love letter to us all unfold and simply my questions were no longer relevant. As my dad, Ron likes to mention, “All you need is Love”-The Beatles

Hello God. Hello Suzy. Let me explain universal expressions of desire for happiness in releasing thoughts of a beautiful open heart. Love is God in the form of feeling. I express love to all my children. Love is my way of imagining human experiences. Simply stated, “I love”. God is most delighted when love is expressed. Love has opened the hearts of man. Love has connected us. Love is the glue of the universe. I hope I have given all my children messages of hope in trying times. Hope is the hearts way of keeping love especially close. Have hope and you have love. Have love and you have God. God is your friend in everything you do. God is your expression of love in all you see and do. Request my love and I am there so excited to be of service to you. I kindly request to be of service. Love all in my desire to desire love. Men should express love freely and with love as their guide, opening their hearts, for the love of God to expand the given right of happiness. Thank you. You are welcome.

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