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The Heart Message

Hi God. Hi Suzy, may I ask why you are up so early? I’m not sure, maybe I needed a message! I think you are right. My message for you is this:  Opening the heart is so important for having a healthy life. It is why people have heart attacks. I am amazed how man has studied the heart & yet doesn’t understand the care and gentleness the heart needs. Never will the heart fail when you understand I am in your heart. Might think of it like this; I love Myself and all My children. I connect through the heart and that connection is in every soul. I live through the hearts of man and all creatures great and small. No matter if you call me God, Spirit or any other name, I am all there is and all there ever will be. I AM. I open the hearts of TAUK students so that they may express the purpose they incarnated for. Now all who TAUK can imagine their purpose with ease and insight. A system of love and understanding is at your fingertips.

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