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The God/Source Code Message

Note: This message was from a dear soul named KIG or his longer name of KIG-TIEM. He is another universal neighbor who comes through to many who TAUK. He has the funniest sense of humor and comes from a planet of light workers that are assisting our planet in her transition from third dimensional energy to fourth and fifth. His name is an acronym for Kindred Imagination for Growth To Imagine Energy Masterful. I personally believe there are many roads to enlightenment. TAUK is merely one.

Hi KIG. Hi Suzy. I will share with you an understanding. OK, thank you. Many desires are imagined when someone first opens their heart to TAUK. Only when they allow for the possibility of this connection, can their hearts first imagine the gift of universal knowing. God teaches us that all have this gift embedded in their DNA. Opening ones’ heart to understanding is the first step to activating the mysterious God code. Imagining the reality of ones’ truth is the next step. Mastering a belief that you are worthy is a very significant part of the picture. Living ones’ truth as a God in a human body is the connection that gives the understanding power. New understandings in science support this. Nothing anyone can do can take this Divine code from you. Imagine your greatness & activate your universal knowing. Thank you KIG.

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