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Questions and Answers:

Dad, can I ask a question? Yes. What was it like right after you passed? It was like I made a giant flight to heaven and I landed in this beautiful garden. I saw everyone I loved. I made a history of my life. I talked to God about his love for me, we reviewed my life and we talked about His love for all His children. I rested awhile and then I started Gods plan for expressing His desire for self love. I don’t understand. I made huge mistakes. I never allowed God in my life. I have made the decision to find God in all I do. I am so happy. I find Gods love everywhere I look. I have His glory in my heart now. Dad can you spend time with anyone over there? Yes, I spent time with my first grade teacher. She taught me about loving myself. I also spend time with little animals that made the journey home. I help them transition here and they help me to learn that I make the choice of love and compassion and ultimate goodness helping His creatures in their ultimate homecoming. 

Dad over there do you look the same as you did here? I look the same as I did in my twenties. I think I looked my best then. Figure I could enjoy my youthful body while here. Can you change your appearance? Yes, I can change my appearance every day if I want to. Anything is possible here. Sweet! I could have longer legs! Yes, you are perfect as you are. Thanks Dad. 

Dad, do you have any advice on how I should proceed with this gift? I do. Get yourself understanding of the SRT you were introduced to. I will help you to absorb quickly. Dad, what happened last night in my sleep? (I had a dream where I was sitting at the foot of a man who held an open book on his lap. As we were discussing SRT, he was literally taking information out of the book with his fingers and dropping it in my brain) The life force of intuitive knowledge was downloaded to you. I think you will get the hang of it quickly. Let yourself relax and feel the energy with your heart. Use the gift God has given you to help His children stay connected to their loved ones who have moved to this reality.

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