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Questions for Susan T:

Can you explain what you mean by the word “Transition”? It is when a soul enters heaven. His glory enters their soul. God repairs where lost love has been forgotten. He knows that some souls have accepted the belief of hell. For those souls, God expresses his patience and waits while they express their free will, until the soul asks to be with God. Then God helps them to review their life. And when the soul has rested awhile, it decides to create its own heaven. The nice thing God does is allow each soul to decide how it might learn so that its’ progression expresses itself exactly as the soul imagines. Did you choose to go to hell? Yes, I thought I was not worthy of God’s love. I lasted awhile then re-evaluated the love I had for God. Delightfully I was jetted out of my hell to an expressed form of love, like the garden I told you about. Then I rested while I expressed my idea of heaven.

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