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Should I take suggestions that I have been given via a TAUK message and alter a decision or a path I might have taken?

TAUK is a support system that is never meant to over ride your free will! When I am given a suggestion, I take it in as advice, I weigh the possibilities and then make the most beneficial choice for me. If I’ve made a wrong decision, I have no doubt the opportunity will present itself to learn from again! 🙂 To me, channelled messages, mine or others, is simply an outlet of support and brings about other perspectives I might not have known. When channeling you are tapping into a higher consciousness but I (you, any of us) are still living in this reality. Channeling certainly puts me in a peaceful state and stretches my mind and heart to think about possibilities that possibly I wouldn’t have thought of. It most certainly isn’t the gage to make decisions from, your free will is the ruler of that world! ♥

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