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Introduction to the TAUK Online class

How TAUK came to be, what it is.

Basic Understanding of Your Pendulum and Chart

This video explains the tools you need for TAUK and the importance of a rose quartz pendulum, the understanding of the God level of consciousness and the great work of The Art of Universal knowing; imagination, creating, manifesting and opening & healing of the heart.

Your TAUK Formula & Pendulum Directions

This video gives explanation of what your TAUK formula is and how it works to raise your vibrations to access other dimensions. With this video you will also begin to learn your four basic directions of your pendulum. Pendulums move the way they do by working off your energy field.

Introduction to Suzanne's Guided Meditation

Meditation is a way to quiet the mind/ego and open your heart. This video is an explanation of Suzanne’s guided meditation.

Suzanne's Guided Meditation for TAUK

Simply listen & follow the suggestions. After you have done this meditation a time or two, feel free to change or modify to suit you.

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