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TAUK Online is first the expression of teaching connection to loved ones, angels & guides and more. Second, it is the opening of portals to very loving dimensions. Third, it is a way to understand Universal Knowing. Last, TAUK Online is given for universal understanding on imagination and love about the great mysteries of life. ~from a TAUK message

TAUK Online is the Expression of connecting to dimensions of love, light & understanding. IMAGINATION is the experience of creating or manifesting new ideas. All humans have the gift of free will and all know intuitively they are worthy of the ability to receive information from many enlightened beings. When TAUK first manifested to Suzanne Spooner, her understanding was that she had re-connected to her late father; for Suzanne this was enough to fulfill her. For the family, friends, guides, angels & Masters this was just the beginning of her understanding. TAUK Online is the first online class to give instruction for The Art of Universal Knowing. With this instruction you will imagine, create and manifest your Divine right of enlightenment, opening and healing of your heart. Simply imagine with the greater good & with a grateful heart opening the portals to truth. Now is your time to make your shift to higher dimensional energy. The coded TAUK formula you generate is your unique, detailed connection to other dimensions. Use this connection for your greater good & the greater good of the planet as she transcends her vibrational experience.

TAUK Online is $22.00 USD

You can purchase the TAUK Online class for yourself or a loved one, start the class immediately or wait until the time is right for your schedule.

PLEASE feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I love hearing about your experience and messages! 🙂 Email Suzanne HERE.

If you had a TAUK account on the original website and would like to access the teaching videos, TAUK chart PDF and refresh your TAUK Formula, please send an email with your first & last name and the email address your old account was listed under for verification. You will be sent a link to reestablish your TAUK account. You could put a link to my email:

Once you are ready to learn TAUK:

  • Watch the five free videos found under the page ‘TAUK Online Intro Videos’. This gives the basic understanding of the TAUK system, your formula and how to use your pendulum.
  • Order or purchase a ROSE QUARTZ pendulum. Rose Quartz crystal has the correct frequency for connecting into the TAUK process. It is very important to only use a pendulum with a rose quartz crystal. You can find these at spiritual stores, online and here on the TAUK Store page. Begin working with the crystal to determine your 4 directions of yes, no, downloading and clearing.
  • Log in to the teaching side of the website. Print out your TAUK chart from the PDF given, enlarge it as suggested.
  • Fill out the questionnaire to derive your TAUK formula. Print or write out your formula before clicking off this page!! You have only one chance to fill out the formula and have computer access to your personal formula, so make copies!!
  • Watch the 5 teaching videos.

Please let me know how you are doing and if I can be of assistance as you get your TAUK system established! Good luck and have a blessed and enlightened journey with The Art of Universal Knowing.

Learn more about TAUK Online with our five introductory videos

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