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From a Client who had a TAUK Message Session:

I had an amazing TAUK session with Suzanne.  You honestly cannot value such a service.  It’s absolutely priceless.  Suzanne has a pure and loving heart and truly cares about those she serves.

I learned much about my past lives and was able to confirm the name of my Higher Self as well as a member of my Soul Family who acts as a Guide for me.  After the session, Suzanne remained on the phone and gave me advice on ways to connect with my Higher Self and Soul Family members.  I am truly appreciative and feel so fortunate to have divinely stumbled across this website.

Kathy C.


Dear Suzanne,

I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks for offering and teaching TAUK. As I’ve previously told you, I tried for over 40 years to develop the ability to converse with spirit. For the last two plus years, I have been learning a healing modality that had at last taught me to sense the things I needed to sense in order to help people, but I am still not clairaudient nor clairvoyant. I took the course you offer in the hope that, if I learned it, it would act as a doorway to further communication. I still trust that will happen. But I want to let you know the progress I have made in one week of practicing TAUK in the hope that you can use it to encourage others. Please feel free to use this message and my name if you desire.

The first few times I tried TAUK I was able to get a few words. Mostly things would deteriorate into garbled strings of letters. I decided that, and stated that, I would continue practicing until I was able to use it well. After a week I was able to receive a communication from my dearest friend who is in hospital half way round the world. We have no other way to talk as long as she is in there. I was encouraged, to say the least.

This morning I received a long communication with no misspellings nor garbles from my guide. I have known his name for 20 years, but had never been able to speak with him directly before. I was ecstatic, of course. But the capper came this evening. It was a message from AA Raphael giving me guidance and help in healing my dear friend.

I cannot thank you enough for the change this has made for me. You can be assured that I will send as many as I am able to your web page.

In gratitude,
Ron Head
Certified ThetaHealer

I like to be surprised in my life. Despite my initial skepticism about whether I’ll ever be able to learn and implement TAUK I have to laugh about my narrow-minded thinking. We are always setting us our own borders or limits and they are useless!!

After a short, simple and lovingly presented training session by Suzanne Spooner I could channel my first message with TAUK. I was so surprised and happy at the same time. The messages I received where wonderful and surrounded by loving energy.

Instantly I was catapulted in a new and different level of consciousness.

My mother tongue is German and I was able to follow the short lessons. So if you understand some English conversation you will be able to learn TAUK. I wish you great moments with TAUK.



Ich lasse mich im Leben gerne immer wieder überraschen. Trotz meiner anfänglichen Skepsis ob ich überhaupt in der Lage sein werde TAUK zu lernen und umzusetzen muss ich heute darüber lachen.

Wir begrenzen oder grenzen uns immer wieder ein. Nach einer kurzen, einfachen und liebevollen Ausbildung durch Suzanne Spooner konnte ich meine Ersten Nachrichten mit TAUK Channeln.

Ich war so überrascht und zugleich glücklich. Die empfangenen Botschaften und die wunderschöne liebevolle Energie katapultierten mich augenblicklich in eine andere und neue Ebene des Bewusstseins.

Wer ein Gespräch auf Englisch folgen kann, wird keine Probleme haben die Lektionen zu verstehen. Ich wünsche Euch tolle Momente mit TAUK.



Since taing the TAUK Online course about a month ago, I have received many wonderful, clear and loving messages from ascended masters, archangels, guides, angels and even several galactic beings! The messages are always of the highest heart consciosness from very loving spiritual beings. I have always been able to channel for my clients, using different methods, but now, thanks to this technique that Suzanne has shared with us, I can now get messages for myself and others with much more ease! The class is very user friendly and enjoyable to take and Suzanne is extremely helpful and loving in her teaching and providing assistance outside of the class. Thank you very much, Suzanne!  ~F.Z.


TAUK has provided me with a beautiful tool for connecting with loved ones and God. The messages I have received have been enlightening, inspiring and life changing.  I’m forever grateful to Suzanne for sharing TAUK with the world! ~A.P.

Suzanne’s genuine gift has changed my life in a way I could never have imagined.  I credit her for opening the door I have been  in search of for a long time.  Suzanne’s process is so comfortable, even for someone like me who tends to be a bit skeptical!!  I am so blessed to be able to use this tool, in my own privacy, at times when I am drawn to it.  Couldn’t imagine life without TAUK, seriously! K.L.


My experience with TAUK has put me on the most awesome journey.  It has helped me to see the sacredness of life and the power we all have to change ourselves and open our hearts.  Suzanne’s messages have encouraged and supported me.  Her quick responses to my questions as well as her openness and upbeat energy have made this process for me, easy to embrace.  I would recommend TAUK to anyone who wants to be empowered and seek a personal journey like no other!

Chris S.


TAUK has been very life-changing for me in using both the formula and the portal ways to connect.  It has been a wonderful tool in healing and opening my heart.  Giving me a deep sense of peace and love and joy when receiving TAUK messages that I didn’t feel/sense in meditation levels before TAUK.  It has been great fun in connecting me with loved ones who have passed as well as very life-changing because their messages released and healed emotional baggage from the past.   Guiding me to hear my inner soul/spirit voice that was always there but previously buried and unheard.  I’m very thankful and grateful for TAUK!!!  ~L.A.


“TAUK opened up new dimensions for me and an amazing healing process has begun thru these connections. Such a wonderful gift Suzanne has and from a spirit of love she gives.”  ~S.T.

I can not even begin to express how TAUK has changed and impacted my life. The connection with loved ones is heartwarming and fulfilling. I have had loving messages from my father, an uncle and a dear friend. But TAUK has also strengthened my spiritual connection with God and He has opened my heart to love and my purpose in this life.  ~S.W.


Where do I start? Suzanne is the most amazing woman I know.  Her spiritual connection, her loving disposition and her caring heart are more than anyone can ask for in a friend and spiritual mentor and sister!  When she told me that she TAUKs to our dad, I was overcome with emotions. Excited, scared, nervous and intrigued…but most of all I trusted her and the connection she had with our father.  I connected to our dad the day Suzanne taught me to TAUK.  She is a fabulous teacher and I felt so comfortable taking my time with this huge life experience.  Thanks to Suzanne I now have my connection back with my dad!  I can’t thank her enough.  ~R.G.


I am amazed at how rapidly the veil between dimensions is thinning.  Our connections with the realm of spirit and our intuitiveness is strengthened greatly when we open our hearts.

My experience with TAUK validates this.  Suzanne does a wonderful job of teaching this fascinating Art of Universal Knowing.”         ~ Malabika Shaw

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