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Using the formula and the pendulum

How do I use the formula and the pendulum… just by reading out the statements and waiting for the pendulum to answer yes?

You hold the pendulum in your dominate hand and as you read each statement of your formula you will notice your pendulum either downloading, clearing or going to a yes. It should only go to a no when you get to the ‘ego’ statement and your ego is not in a minimal state. If this happens ask it to come down to a minimal state. If your pendulum does some clearing or downloading, let it , thank it and then it should move to a ‘yes’ direction. This is your cue to move onto the next statement. Whenever my pendulum does a clearing or a download, I always send gratitude out as it is indicating a shift for my greater good. By the time you finish your formula statements (should only take a few minuets) you should be feeling very good. This is the clarity of having your frequency/vibration higher!!

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