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Why am I so sleepy?

By the time I complete my statements while holding my pendulum, I am soooo sleepy. Have you heard anything like this before?

Are you ready for this…The sleepiness is totally normal! You would think that just sitting there, holding your pendulum and reading a few statements would be no big deal! BUT what I tell people is especially at first, this is BIG work! The preverbal moving mountains albeit an ‘inside job’. It truly takes a lot of energy to download and clear and open this connection. The good news is the more you practice TAUK the easier this gets! I promise at some point soon you will start to feel energized, and that feeling will stay with you longer and longer. Every once in awhile, especially when I get a very big, deep message I will get super sleepy. I think that’s their way of having us take a rest and connecting in the dream time to continue.

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